Haunted Basement


We are deeply committed to keeping you all as happy, safe, and represented as possible. If you have anything you need to report, any feedback, questions, problems with a fellow actor, anything at all that you maybe don’t want to address in person, here is one way to address that. This form does NOT save email addresses, so if you want to stay anonymous, that 100% can happen. Also, if you need to report something about one of your supervisors, you can contact one of our board members, Alex DT at alexdalbeythomas@gmail.com. It is easier for us to deal with an issue if it is reported quickly. All company executives have access to these reports.


Anonymous Reporting Form


Community Agreement

Haunted Basement is committed to providing a radically inclusive community and artist space that is safe for everyone.

Haunted Basement will not tolerate the following:

  • All forms of harassment or perception of harassment based on age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, socio-economic background, marital status, military involvement, tribal affiliation or immigration status and the intersectionality of these identities.
  • Jokes, comments, gestures, or drawings based on the aforementioned protected characteristics.
  • Any unwanted physical touching or blocking normal movement.
  • Making others feel unsafe in any way
  • Damage to property belonging to anyone involved in the project or to the project itself
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working on the project.
  • Disrespect of a person’s stated pronouns
  • Any retaliation against a report made against you or someone else.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if the above code is not followed. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the directors, staff members and the executive team of the Haunted Basement. Actions may include written warnings, meetings with the executive team, pay being withheld to full removal from the project and being asked to not be on the property.
If anyone in Haunted Basement community feels they have witnessed or dealt with any unwelcome harassment or behavior they should inform Walker Friend (Executive Director; walker@hauntedbasement.org) or Alex DT (board member; alexdalbeythomas@gmail.com) as soon as they are able and comfortable doing so. There is also an anonymous reporting survey on this page. Confidentiality is important to us and we will do all that we can to hold that confidentiality, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.