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To all of our Haunted Basement fans, current and former members, and extended members of the Catacomb Collective community,

It’s been a rough couple of years for the Haunted Basement, as it has been for most live arts organizations. We’ve had to cancel our in-person haunt for both 2020 and 2021, and while we hold out hope for 2022, the world continues to be uncertain whether it will be safe for either patrons or performers by October. We’ve done our best to continue to create fear and thrills with our online video projects The House and Site 4, the 2020 physical mailing The Box, our ongoing old-time radio series (featured in the 2021 Twin Cities Horror Festival), a collaborative installation piece at Travail Bar, The Haunted Basement Bar, and more. While we’re proud of every one of those projects, none of them had the reach or the financial success of the traditional Haunted Basement.

We won’t mince words. We are in dire financial trouble. Even paying at storage rates, the rent for our current space has been slowly draining our savings, and we were recently informed that an overdue tax bill that we had been able to defer is coming due. Our current income stream is too small to expect it to cover our expenses for long. Our recent appeals on Give to the Max day provided many generous contributions, but not enough to sustain our expenses. We have no choice but to ask once more for public support, before we’re forced to liquidate our assets and close the company.

What we really need is monthly sustaining members to join our Patreon and provide ongoing support. If you are able to contribute, please visit Patreon.com/CatacombCollective and do so today. Help us reach our goal of $2,000 per month to animate our horrors and keep the lights on, when we need them. Many theaters this past year have gone dark, with your help we can bring back the Haunted Basement you know and loathe! If you would rather make a one-time donation or recurring donation (of any amount) off of Patreon, you can click here to donate to the Haunted Basement.

Many of our projects these past two years have been new territory for us, and this one will be as well. We are excited to have a platform to share some of the behind the scenes with our fans! If you’ve been through the Haunted Basement before and ever wondered how we did it, this is your chance to peek behind the bloody curtain ... By joining patreon you will get updates on our upcoming projects and bragging rights as one of our coveted Bonefactors & Blood Bathers. You will also see exclusive behind the scenes content. Every three months of membership you will get a Catacomb Collective artist designed sticker; And certainly some surprises along the way. As a bonus, three lucky winners who join in January will win a special giveaway! With your help we can remain alive. Or, at least, undead.

Institutional Gifts

The Haunted Basement is grateful for the generosity of the many businesses, foundations, and government agencies listed below. Their gifts provide invaluable support in our artistic mission

For information on how you can support the Haunted Basement’s artistic initiatives as a sponsor or corporate partner, please contact Bo Burner at bo@hauntedbasement.org

The Haunted Basement is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Special Thanks

Can Can Wonderland

Overproof Prints

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Peace Coffee

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Ax-Man Surplus
Reverie Cafe + Bar
Illusion Theater
Speed Pro Imaging
L’étoile Magazine
Hard Rock Cafe

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The Haunted Basement is a nonprofit arts organization which promotes a culture of radical inclusion and expression thanks to our volunteers and donors.