A Community of Creeps

Merging artist-created environments with a diverse range of performance styles, the Haunted Basement is an interactive experience focused on absurdist psychological horror.

As a nonprofit arts organization, the Haunted Basement is radically inclusive providing an array of year-round educational opportunities, group workshops, individual training, peer guidance and mentor ship.​

It Started with a Rope

In the Autumn of 2006, an art gallery volunteer explored the nether region of the Soap Factory. They emerged with a lung full of filthy, spore-infested air and a fundraising idea: Send patrons into the labyrinthine basement of this historic Northeast Minneapolis building, armed with only a flickering flashlight and a rope to guide the way.

Through word-of-mouth, the tours became an immediate success and tickets sold out.

Ferocious Flourishing

The basement tours became a yearly tradition, mutating and growing each time. Artists and performers clamored to add their twisted imagination to its dark corridors. What emerged was the Haunted Basement.

Send in the Clowns

Within five years, the Haunted Basement earned the reputation as a premier “alternative” haunted attraction. Boasting artist-driven environments with psychological horrorscapes. A focus on performance, dance, professional clowning, improv and theatrical influences. It went beyond the usual horror tropes of vampires and chainsaws.

Beyond Halloween

In 2014, Noah Bremer and Live Action Set brought Dostoyevsky’s Crime & Punishment to the Soap Factory’s basement. This ambitious immersive theatre performance was in the spirit of the Haunted Basement. Its success showed audience hunger for the Haunted Basement experience outside October.

New Home, New Horrors

The Haunted Basement celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2016, ending its first decade with a bang by declaring its independence. Moving into Building No. 9 of the old General Mills Research Facility in Northeast Minneapolis.

“We trudged through a lot of basements to find the right location,” Christopher Barton said. “When we viewed the dark corners, twists and turns in 2010 Hennepin’s basement space, it was love at first sight. We have options here we’ve never had before. The new digs are perfect for us – miserably, horribly perfect!”

Necropolis for Mall Enthusiast

Kicking off its 13th year of life, the Haunted Basement is moving into old Herbergers space in the Rosedale Shopping Center. Giving us more space to play than we've ever had before.

Special Thanks

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Our Staff

Walker Friend

Walker Friend

Interim Executive Director

Walker Friend immersed himself into the Haunted Basement from the first night he acted. The following year he designed several of the environments, and last year he was asked to come on as Associate Director. Walker has had a passion for the arts his whole life and last year received his Bachelors in Graphic Design. He’s held various manager positions and runs a small business. He spends his free time working on his various design projects, collecting oddities, and eating his weight in nachos.

Becci O'Kane

Becci O'Kane

Business Manager

Becci O’Kane has been involved with the Haunted Basement for 10 of the 12 years in existence; starting as a patron and then eventually becoming a core actor. While her educational background is in Accounting, Finance, and Project Management, being involved in the Arts is her passion. Outside of the Haunted Basement Becci is highly involved in the marching arts community. She is a current marching member of the world class drum and bugle corps Minnesota Brass for the past 14 years. She also is the Director of 2 high colorguard programs and a Co-Director of an independent Winterguard program. In her free time she loves to sit on the couch and watch TV or take her 2 small dogs to the dog park.

Rowan McKinney

Rowan McKinney

Volunteer Coordinator

Rowan found the Haunted Basement through a fellow Art History student at the University of Minnesota. She had interned with a community of artists at the Katherine E. Nash Art Gallery. Intrigued by the Haunted Basement’s unique opportunities she joined the following season. She spent her first year learning to walk on three foot stilts. That was 2011 and she has returned each year since to volunteer, most recently in the costuming department distributing costumes before performances. It was in that role she found her interest in welcoming and engaging the newcomers.



Updated February 2020

Lisa Colburn
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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Updated February 2020

Nicole Kennedy-Vice - President

Dru Gronewold-Pedraza - Vice-President

Audrey Donohue - Secretary

Rachael Rhoades - Treasurer

Todd O’Dowd

Brian Chaffin

Preston Irish

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The Haunted Basement is a nonprofit arts organization which promotes a culture of radical inclusion and expression thanks to our volunteers and donors.