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The Haunted Basement depends on the support and generosity of our community.Donations help us expand our scope to become the premiere immersive horror performance company in the nation.Anything you can contribute is AMAZING… If we had hearts, we’d love you madly for all your kindness.

Institutional Gifts

The Haunted Basement is grateful for the generosity of the many businesses, foundations, and government agencies listed below. Their gifts provide invaluable support in our artistic mission

For information on how you can support the Haunted Basement’s artistic initiatives as a sponsor or corporate partner, please contact Bo Burner at bo@hauntedbasement.org

The Haunted Basement is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Sponsors

Special Thanks

Can Can Wonderland

Overproof Prints

Sociable Cider Werks

Peace Coffee

City Pages

Saints Baseball


Ax-Man Surplus
Reverie Cafe + Bar
Illusion Theater
Speed Pro Imaging
L’étoile Magazine
Hard Rock Cafe

Our Donors

Donna Spidiemeyer

Sean Brennan

Kayla Marie

Mike Etle

Jaime DP

Aaron Prust

Kathleen L. Sporer

Melissa Westfall

Brian Watson-Jones

Husse IHM

Dave Wallraff

Joel Lueders

Nick Louder

Kyle Lonious

Mic & Marissa Brunner

Brandon Gil

Shevon Olson

Emmer O’Connell

Rod Scholl

Mark Salisbury

Andy Salisbury

Karen Sheldon



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Rosedale Center
1595 MN-36
Roseville, MN 55113

The Haunted Basement is a nonprofit arts organization which promotes a culture of radical inclusion and expression thanks to our volunteers and donors.