Our Mission

The Haunted Basement is a nonprofit arts organization created to merge artist-created environments with a diverse range of performance styles, resulting in an interactive experience with a focus on absurdist psychological horror. The Haunted Basement provides an array of educational opportunities, from group workshops to individual training through peer guidance and mentorship…read more

Our History

The Haunted Basement gasped its first breath of filthy, spore-infested air during the autumn months of 2006, when a curious art gallery volunteer decided to explore the nether regions of The Soap Factory’s historic building in northeast Minneapolis and emerged with an idea to raise money for the gallery by sending groups of visitors through the dark corridors armed with nothing but rickety flashlights and a rope to guide them…read more

Our Leadership

The Haunted Basement is led by Creative Director Christopher Barton, Director of Production Sarah Salisbury, and Operations Director Walker Friend. The trio, along with the Basement’s team of designers and performers, look forward to creeping into its second decade, balancing its new direction with the same mission of creating a unique, artist-based horror experienceread more