About Us

Mission Statement

The Haunted Basement is a nonprofit arts organization created to merge artist-created environments with a diverse range of performance styles, resulting in an interactive experience with a focus on absurdist psychological horror. The Haunted Basement provides a wide array of educational opportunities, ranging from group workshops to individual training through peer guidance and mentorship. We believe that encouraging artists to “get weird” in our annual haunt  allows for a broad spectrum of creativity and expression to the benefit of both our creators and our audiences. Our intent is to maintain a supportive environment for new artists while remaining a unique presence in the realms of haunted attractions and immersive theatre.

Vision Statement

We intend to evolve beyond a seasonal Halloween attraction by developing our own physical space in which we can produce our annual Haunted Basement event, while offering a broad schedule of performance and stagecraft workshops, and also producing immersive theatre productions steeped in the world of avant-garde horror. While we will always be proud to offer the Haunted Basement as our signature attraction, it is our desire to engage with audiences in an ever-expanding variety of ways throughout the entire year. As our performance opportunities increase, we will continue to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion through education and outreach, strengthening our mission of engaging new talent in a creatively challenging environment.

Value Statement

The Haunted Basement is guided by our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our collective of artists are nicknamed “Creeps”, which in part is a playful nod to proud outsider status as artists in this non-traditional mode of expression. We believe that artists with years of experience can stand together with talented newcomers and engage on the same level in our unique world of nightmare environments and inhuman characters. As our Creeps work together to build this one-of-a-kind beast, we believe that every individual involved with this project has something to teach and something to learn. We refuse to limit what any person can achieve based on race, age, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, nationality, or religion. We challenge ourselves to remain radically receptive to new avenues of inclusion and expression.