Our Board

Rob Knutson



Dru Gronewold-Pedraza

Vice President


Carrie Simi


Carrie Simi is an Agile Coach – teaching, facilitating, mentoring and coaching Agile software development methodologies and frameworks for Target Corporation. A life-long Minnesotan, Carrie enjoys live music, hiking, biking, wine, travel, cats, and helping her friends at the Haunted Basement.

Kathy Wood


I am the Board’s elected secretary.  Although I moved to here 8 years ago, I’m originally a transplant from the east coast .  I came to Minnesota for school, fell in love, and never left.  Being a part of the Haunted Basement has given me the creative outlet that was lacking my professional life.  I’ve been a patron of this stellar interactive theater for years and I’m beyond excited to watch the creation that occurs from its inception.  In my spare time I have spirited debates on the legal ramifications of the operations of fictional kingdoms, I hold my breath during underwater scenes in movies to see if I would survive, and I have a great fondness for the number 42

Mike Leffler-McCabe

Member at Large